Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry

Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry

Bill Caritj, Chief Accountability & Information Officer And Olufemi Aina, Executive Director, I.T. Infrastructure, Atlanta Public Schools

A closer look (with a broader view), however, shows a very different picture. Aside from the students, teachers, parents and guardians, administrators, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, nurses, and other people it takes to run a school.

  • Enhance Learning Experiences with Technology

    LeRoy Butler, Chief Information Officer,Lewis University

    If you have a passion for serving and contributing to one of the greatest sectors of our society, i.e., education, then make sure that you work to lead an organization collaboratively with the people you work with.

  • The Impact of AI on Education is Real and Growing

    Lisa McClure, Associate Provost, Programs and Academic Affairs, Ultimate Medical Academy

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an ever-expanding field of science that programs computers to analyze data and complete processes that would normally require human intelligence to complete.

  • The 3 Biggest Challenges of Managing Development Across Time Zones

    Saunak Ranjitkar, CIO/Chief Software Architect, Spiralogics

    One of the most significant challenges that modern companies face is coordinating employees across time zones.

  • US Invests In 'Learning Renaissance,' But Must Re-evaluate Methods

    Duke Daehling, Director, Talent Management, Analytics, and Strategy, IBM Smarter Workforce

    An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Taming the Cloud in Higher Education!

Tom Dugas, Assistant Vice President and CISO, Duquesne University

If we want to lead the way for cloud computing in the next decade we must tame the increasing costs, data sprawl and the complex security & privacy regulations facing our industry in partnership with cloud vendors.

Artificial Intelligence: Moving Beyond Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence: Moving Beyond Computer Science

Michael A. Gennert, Professor of Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Former Head of WPI’s Robotics Engineering Program

As AI makes a foothold in more areas of our lives, AI-enabled products and services will be...

How to Create A Scalable EdTech Product

How to Create A Scalable EdTech Product

Gaku Nakamura, Co-Founder and CEO, RareJob Inc.

Online learning made our learning process easy and effective. However, online learning is more...

Technology as a Catalyst in Shaping the Educational Experience

Technology as a Catalyst in Shaping the Educational Experience

Eric Kunnen, Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies, Grand Valley State University

Technology plays an increasingly important role in education - it’s up to us to take...

Post COVID Future Of K12 Education

James Butler, Senior Director Instructional Technology and Online Education, Tucson Unified School District

In this seminal moment in history,teachers everywhere are utilizing existing resources in a wide variety of creative ways so that teaching and learning continues, and in some cases thrives.